Why You Should Never Delay a Tire Repair

Don’t Delay, or You’ll Pay!  

Driving with damaged tires should never be normalized. You are not only putting yourself at risk, but you are also putting everyone around you at risk. You would not want to push your tires to their limits and even if you think that they are still alright when you are scheduled for a tire repair, you should not delay it any further and get your car to the tire shop right away. Here are some of the consequences you might face when you delay your repairs: 

Permanent Damage 

Instead of getting a tire repair, you might end up getting a replacement instead. If you prolong the damage and have your tires continually stressed and used, you may not be able to save them with a simple repair anymore. A replacement is much more expensive and it would be frustrating to know you could have avoided it if you had not delayed. 


Your tire can only go through so much before finally giving up. A damaged tire makes it more vulnerable to blowouts and flats. This in turn makes you more vulnerable to accidents on the road. Keep yourself and your passengers safe by not driving around with a tire that needs repairs. 

Legal Consequences 

You could get sued for driving a car with a damaged tire. In some states, they would require you to change your tires or replace them with new ones every 6 months. If you are caught in an accident and they find out your tires are damaged, you could be liable for it. 

Never try to drive your car with damaged tires as this could lead to a lot of unfavorable situations for you. To have your tire repaired right away, bring it over to Malveaux Tires. We offer tire services to people in and around Houston, TX. To know more about what we can do for you, call us at (346) 269-2833. 

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