Affordable Tire Service in Houston, TX!

Affordable Tire Service and Learn the Benefits

At Malveaux Tires, we will assess your tires to determine the nature of the damage and come up with an effective action plan. We will determine what solutions will be required and help you make an informed decision. Our affordable tire service allows us to provide quality service at prices that are within the reach of most car owners in Houston, TX.

Affordable Tire Service

Real Quality Works

When you call us for a repair estimate, we will carefully examine your tires and determine their condition. We will also inspect the spare tire and determine its condition. Our professionals will then provide you with a clear idea of how much your car will have to spend on new tires, what the timeframe is, and how long the repairs will take to complete. We will assess the amount of work that needs to be done and create the most effective action plan for your needs.

Learning Our Services

We provide our customers with estimates and carry out repairs promptly. We use professional-grade equipment and high-end products for the job. We have a modern tire repair facility, and many of our customers use our services for their regular maintenance needs. We have the skills and knowledge to handle issues related to all major tire brands and models. We have been repairing tires since 2003, and since then, we have proudly serviced many happy customers in Houston, TX.

If you are located anywhere in or around Houston, TX, contact Malveaux Tires at (346) 269-2833 now. We will be happy to help you with our affordable tire service!


Call Malveaux Tires for a professional and affordable tire service in Houston, TX at (346) 269-2833!

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