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Keeping Your Tires at Their Top Shape

How to Know It’s Time for a Tire Repair

One of the reasons you are able to enjoy a smooth, stable, and safe ride is your tires. This is why it’s important that the tires are at their top shape all the time. The moment you notice that the tire is not performing as it used to, it’s best if you have it checked right away. Without you knowing it, the tire is already damaged and might end up replacing them. Tire replacement is far more costly than tire repair because of so many reasons. Here are signs you have to be aware of to know if you should bring your tire to a tire shop.

The warning light is on

If your car is equipped with a warning light and a tire issue, you should take this sign seriously. Although sometimes, just like a check engine light, this could be a minor issue and not necessarily a major repair. However, it’s best to have your tire checked while the issue is minor to prevent costly repairs. Bring your car to the tire shop when the warning light is on. The mechanic knows how to deal with the warning light as well.

The ride is bumpier

As the car’s driver, you know which areas of the streets you drive on are bumpy. The moment you notice that the car is bumpier than usual, this could be a sign that a tire is damaged. There are different reasons the tire is damaged, but the moment it’s checked you will know what happened to the tire. The mechanic will know how to deal with the issue. See to it that you have your car checked the moment you notice that your ride is bumpier than usual.

Early tire wear

The tread on the tire should be high to ensure a safe ride. However, there are cases that the tire wears earlier. This could be caused by under or over-inflation of the tire. If the tread is low, the tire is vulnerable to punctures and you will have a hard time putting the car to an immediate halt. Braking issues will come out when this happens.

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