Heavy-Duty Commercial Tire Service Information

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Tires  

Everyone knows that tires are a critical component, as they connect trucks and trailers to the road and allow drivers to drive safely on diverse terrains. And because they play such an important role, it is beneficial for drivers to understand how to prevent wear and tear. Learn more about tire components by reading our Malveaux Tires commercial tire service post today.

Facts about commercial tires

There is a great deal more to tires than one may realize. For example, did you know that one tire is composed of over 200 raw materials? Or that motor carriers and drivers can receive poor Compliance, Safety, Accountability scores because of damaged tires?

Parts of a tire

Standard radial tires have 7 layers. Each part works differently to enhance flexibility, durability, safety, and fuel efficiency.

Inner liner

This makes up the innermost part of the tire and is made from synthetic rubber. Its function is to hold air inside so it can’t seep through the rubber structure.

Carcass ply

The carcass ply is above the inner liner and is made from textile fiber cords that are bonded into the rubber. This layer helps to strengthen the tire, resist pressure, and determines the loading capacity.


The bead is the underlining edge of the tire that secures it to the rim. It is made up of bead wire, steel, and rubber, and works to keep the tire and rim fastened together.


This is located between the tread and the bead and comes with several functions. Such as keeping the carcass ply from getting damage, protects the tire from impacts while driving, and giving it flexibility.


These are also known as crown ply and are made of resistant steel cords that are bonded into the rubber. It is located between the tread and carcass and is a reinforcing layer.

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