Tire Shop Tips in Safely Changing Tires

Change Tire Safely

A flat tire is an inconvenience, having to change it is much more, but tire change is manageable if you have the correct tools and know-how. Because fixing a flat tire is something every driver should already know. However, your life is a lot more important than a flat tire. So make sure you pull over to a safe place like a tire shop or just out of the way if you want to change your own tires. Follow these steps to safely change your flat tire:

Loosen Your Tire Lugs

So before you do so, make sure you’re in a safe place and your car is in “park”. Though if your car is manual, put it in gear. To keep your car from moving or rolling, block the other tires with a rock or something. Then loosen the tire lugs, use the tire iron. Just loosen, don’t remove them just yet. Afterward, just loosen the lugs by turning counter-clockwise. You just need to use a jack to remove the lugs then remove the tire.

Mount the Spare

Before you mount it, make sure to clean the hub so it can seat correctly. Once you’re done: hold the spare up and the holes should be in line with the wheels studs then push it onto the studs and screw on the lugs with your hands. Tighten them as much as you can with a tire iron. Then just lower the car after a final tightening. It’s general practice to tighten the tire lugs as much as you can. Done!

Knowing how to change tires is a very useful skill, especially in emergencies. This can help you from being stranded. If you need a reliable tire shop, Malveaux Tires can help you out. We’re located in Houston, TX. Call (346) 269-2833 for more details.

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