Working With Our Tire Shop in Houston, TX Will Ensure Your Safety on the Road

Proper tire maintenance is critical for any kind of vehicle. You can count on Malveaux Tires to check and repair your tires to ensure their continued performance on the road. At our tire shop in Houston, TX, you can find a great diversity of models for commercial trucks, 18-wheelers, SUVs, motorcycles, vans, and truck trailers. Our staff sells brand-new and second-hand tires, as well. We do tire changes and organize CDL classes, too.

The Business We Boast About

Are you looking for a full-service tire shop that mainly deals with commercial tire problems? Welcome to our family-owned and operated business founded in 2012. Our goal is to build a relationship spanning the life of your car. We always try to provide the highest quality, customer-oriented services at a fair and competitive price to our customers.

Affordable Tire Service

Affordable Tire Service

Eight Years of a proven track record
Business license, insurance, bonds, and certification
BBB Accreditation
All our services are products are warrantied
Free bids and discounts
Specialized equipment and quality work

Efficient Results

Every responsible vehicle owner is aware and mindful that all car components wear and tear. As time passes, components may even begin to malfunction. This can make it difficult for you to drive your truck to leverage optimal performance. Eventually, the parts may require replacement too. This is where our professional tire repair service will come in handy. We can fix small punctures and holes within the puncture repair area of the tire or recommend great new options.

For beneficial and budget-friendly tire repair, replacement, and commercial DL training, you can contact Malveaux Tires at (346) 269-2833. We are in Houston, TX.

Services List

  • Commercial Tire Services
  • Tire Repair
  • Tire Change
  • New Tire Sales
  • Used Tire Sales
  • SUV Tires
  • Truck Tires
  • 18-Wheeler Tires
  • ATV/Motorcycle Tires
  • Trailer Tires
  • All-Season Tires
  • Specialty & Winter Tires
  • CDL Classes
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